john and workbenchBuilding your workbench is a practical exercise as well as a personal expression of your craft. It is the outcome of what work you want to hold, what space your shop affords, what budget constraints and resources are at your disposal, coupled with your time, energy and skills.

The coming of John Brown to teach his Welsh stick chairs in 1997 necessitated making six workbenches in short order. This design is hand tool friendly, which means it is taller, longer and narrower than the work tables with a vise attached that many of us work at. Time and cash limits led to a design that could be made from green wood as well as the more costly kiln-dried lumber. Mill your lumber this week; make your bench the next.

Success is measured by the 15 years of faithful service these benches have given, plus the 25 more built by craftsmen who came to the Home Shop to make their own.